Will the tinted area of masonry provide an invisible repair?
Yes – The stain will penetrate the surface of the masonry, in a similar way to wood stain, and permanently blend in with existing materials.

How long will the tint last?
We guarantee our services for the lifetime of the substrate, which in most cases can be well in excess of thirty years. The full details of our guarantee are available by clicking here (will open in a new window).

How is the tint applied?
Tinting is normally carried out using high quality paint brushes, tinting each individual brick or section of mortar.

Can I buy the material to apply myself?
No – we do not sell the material itself. As each contract is unique and no two stains are identical.

How much does the process cost?
Each contract is individually costed as no two jobs are alike. To get an estimate of costs please contact our office where one of our staff will be happy to advise.

Why have I not heard about this process before?
This process was devised in the mid twentieth century by Red Mill Industries Ltd as an acceptable method of permanently colouring in situ brickwork and masonry and offered as a service to brick manufacturers, contractors and house builders. The process has never been widely advertised to the general public. It is however a method accepted by major industrial associations.

Will my tinted area weather consistently?
The treated area will weather in exactly the same way as an untreated area. A study on the effects of natural weathering has been carried out and concluded that natural weathering is not affected by this process.