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Facade Cleaning and Business Appeal

It’s obvious when you think about it, but it’s surprising how many businesses don’t consider how your building’s facade affect their customer footfall and profits. To illustrate this point, consider the difference between these two images for a second:

Facade Cleaning

The top image is of Apple’s Regent Street flagship store. The stone cladding is bright, clean, and carved to suggest wealth, opulence and history – which contrasts beautifully with the window branding of stylish, modern minimalism. It invites customers in and is a perfect example of how an attractive facade can put customers in a buying frame of mind before they’ve even stepped through the door.

The second image is weathered, battered, covered in graffiti and suggests apathy, ugliness and uncleanliness. With this kind of lack of care displayed before customers even step into the store, it’s no wonder that the Woolworths chain went bust here in the UK.

Facade Cleaning – Your Business Deserves a Bright Face

Especially important on the high street but also for other businesses which serves customers in-store or in-office, having a clean, modern and well-maintained exterior suggests care, attention, and success before your customers or clients even meet you. And, as we said last month – what’s that people always say about first impressions?

Especially for high street stores, which are facing ever-increasing competition from online sellers, businesses need to present as strong, modern and impressive a front as possible, as this is impossible to do without a clean and fresh looking store front.

Construction Cosmetics, based in Derby, has been specialising in facade cleaning, brick and mortar tinting, and a host of other brick and masonry cleaning services for over 10 years. Our work takes us across the entire UK, not just the East Midlands, so if your storefront is in need of refreshing, call us today and enjoy increased footfall and business.

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How Brick Tinting can make Selling Your Home Easier

If you’re planning on selling your home, you might it useful to think of a few key investments you can make to have your property sell more quickly, and for a higher price. These investments needn’t be too costly, or cause you too much hassle – in fact, more often than not, they’re simple things you can have done quickly and inexpensively, in some cases, in less than a day. Brick tinting is one of these investments: quick and inexpensive, it can make your property seem much more attractive to potential buyers and increase your asking price beyond your initial investment.

Brick Tinting

Brick Tinting – a Little Investment can Go a Long Way

Due to weathering, age of the property, supply issues during build process, or a host of other reasons, the brickwork of a structure can often be mismatched. This mars the appearance of the building, and a building’s appearance is an important element. It’s great to have a modern kitchen, A-rated energy efficiency and a neat, open back garden, but it’s a building’s external appearance that prospective buyers see first – and remember, you’ve only got one chance to make a good first impression.

Presenting a beautifully finished, new looking, uniform-colour brickwork front on your property is the first step to selling your prospective buyers the home of their dreams. If your brickwork is looking old, tired or mismatched, it’s best to call Construction Cosmetics – it costs nothing to ask for a quote, and could go a long way to helping you sell your home.

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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal: What Other People’s Art Costs Business Premises

Graffiti has only been recognised as an art form since the 1990s. With its roots in the works of spray paint artists such Blek le Rat, who developed his form of stencil graffiti in the 80s in France, graffiti art was once synonymous with vandalism and economic depression. However, since the 90s, some graffiti artists have gained critical respect from the art world at large, and have even sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds. British graffiti artist Banksy is arguably the most famous graffiti artist, and his work has been officially sanctioned and is now protected by Bristol council (though only following public demand – indeed, Banksy’s art book, Wall and Peace, contains the following condemnation from Bristol council “There’s no way you’re getting a quote from us”). A homeowner in Easton, Bristol, threw paint over one of Banksy’s works after the sale of his property was described as “an original Banksy with a house thrown in” in protest. Clearly, though recognised as a valid art form by many, graffiti is still seen as a real problem to homeowners and businesses whose walls are defaced.

The unfortunate fact is that 99.9% of graffiti doesn’t feature the socially acerbic wit of Banksy, the late King Robbo, or any of the genuinely gifted graffiti artists, but remains the work of vandals who, if they ever do develop artistic talent, certainly haven’t got it yet. Graffiti does still send a message of criminality, disorder, and social deprivation.

That graffiti art is representative of youth culture is undeniable. Some businesses, particularly those selling products or marketing services to young people, can benefit from utilising graffiti art as a part of their branding – but this is always best achieved by talented local artists who deservedly charge a fee for their work.

If your company or organisation does choose to use graffiti art in your branding, let it be done by genuine artists whose talents will make your premises look relevant and attractive – while hiring professional graffiti removal to remove the efforts of vandals who either have no talent, or actively want to degrade your property.

Do check first, however, that you’re not removing a genuine Banksy. They’re worth thousands.

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